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Perimenopause & Menopause Speaker

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The act of explaining perimenopause and menopause in a supportive environment with an experienced speaker and presenter who has walked the talk.

My mission is to bring perimenopause and menopause education and conversation to groups of women who need it now.

Are you prepared for a meno-splain?

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"I wouldn’t mind these hot flushes so much if they would just burn a little fat off my butt and thighs in the process."

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Group Presentations

Kristina shares her story and presents current information, treatments, and resources from reputable Australian sources.

Minimum group size is 10.

No maximum, just provide a big enough room/space!

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Women supporting women in a safe and supportive forum. Kristina starts the conversation so all women feel confident to seek the answers and support they need at this important time in their lives.

Education and communication about perimenopause and menopause is what all women need.

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All Australian resources including books, websites, and podcasts. Kristina recommends current Australian resources that she has used herself, and that she has researched. She has no affiliations, just a personal mission to provide women with reliable and relatable educational resources.

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Education and Conversation

Kristina is an education and training professional with over 25 years' experience in secondary, adult, and corporate education settings. At the age of 42, she began experiencing some concerning symptoms which she thought was stress-related, but would discover over the following year that she was in fact in perimenopause. Now 49, Kristina has not only survived perimenopause and its many symptoms, she is now 'out the other side' of menopause and is thriving!

"I've always been an educator and presenter, so it made perfect sense to share my story and help other women navigate this very under-resourced, yet very important time of a woman's life."

What's provided?

Kristina speaks to your group, presenting from her laptop and projector. Every participant will receive a copy of the Resources List, and has the option to receive a copy of the presentation and notes via email.

Location requirements

Kristina requires a well lit and ventilated room with seating for participants, a table for her laptop and projector, a screen or wall to project onto, and electricity.


Aimed at women who are approaching, or are in perimenopause or menopause, Kristina's sessions are suitable for a large variety of audiences. From workplaces, gyms, community groups, or groups of friends and family members, all women will benefit from the education and conversation from these sessions.


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It's Not Just You

90 minutes

Kristina started perimenopause at 42 years of age, and now at 49 she is out the other side of menopause. Yep, all over before most women start! By sharing her story, Kristina hopes to help educate women who are about to start perimenopause or are already in it, and provide a conversation, resources, and support so you know what to expect and how to manage it to best suit you.

Managing Peri & Meno at Work

90 minutes

How to have that conversation with your manager and work colleagues. What to do when a hot flush hijacks your work meeting. What to do if my workplace isn't peri/menopause friendly? Kristina answers these and many other questions in this session aimed at peri and meno in the workplace.

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Nutrition and Exercise for Peri & Meno

60 minutes

Nutrition and exercise to help with peri and menopause symptoms, and improve heart, bone, muscle, and mental health.

It's not a workout session, but you will come away with information and strategies to keep you healthy and ready to thrive in menopause.

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Bespoke Tailored Sessions

60 - 120 minutes

Engage Kristina to design and deliver a tailored session to suit your audience, covering the topics you want.

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Business Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Brisbane, Queensland